A Detailed Guide to Nicotine Salts - Are They Suitable Option for You

Nicotine salts have become the newest trend in the vaping industry. Everyone is talking about them and more people have started to use them. However, many people are still confused about what nicotine salts actually are and whether they are a suitable option or not.

Whether you are planning to buy salt nicotine vape juice or have unintentionally used one while vaping, we are going to share everything you need to know about salt nicotine juices and whether they are a suitable option for your vaping needs or not.

In case you have any questions regarding nicotine salts, continue reading, the following blog is will help you clear every query you have. So, without wasting another second, let’s dive straight into things you should know about nicotine salt juices.

What are Nicotine Salts?

First things first; what are nicotine salts. Basically, nicotine salts are a type of e-juices that have a comparatively higher nicotine strength and a smoother throat experience at the same time. It means that you’ll be able to vape a higher nicotine strength but won’t feel the harsh nicotine taste in your throat.

Nicotine salts have a comparatively higher nicotine percentage than what you’ll find in the market. This also means that nicotine salts aren’t a suitable choice for everyone. Keep in mind that they aren’t anything like regular fruit-flavored e-juices.

Should You Buy Salt Nicotine Vape Juice?

So, the real question; should you replace your regular e-liquid with a nicotine salt e-juice. Well, it depends on your vaping requirements. For instance, if you are just a vaping enthusiast who likes to vape for fun, you should stick to regular low-nicotine fruit-flavored e-juices.

However, if you have dived into vaping to quit smoking and can’t satisfy your nicotine craving with your regular e-juice, you may consider using salt nicotine e-juices. The high-nicotine percentage will take care of your carvings, giving you a smoother vaping experience.

Since nicotine salt juices, however, have a high percentage, you are most likely to get a strong hit after you’re done with your vaping session. So, if you are a beginner or haven’t smoked in the past, we recommend staying away from the salt nicotine e-juice and using fruit-flavored e-juices.

Which E-Devices are Perfect for Vaping Salt Nicotine Juices?

So, now that you have decided to use salt nicotine e-juices, it’s time to shop for the right vaping device that’ll help you enjoy the best vaping sessions safely. Keep in mind that you can’t use your regular high-wattage e-devices while vaping a salt nicotine juice.

Why? Because these devices allow you to inhale a large nicotine portion with each drag. Since you are already using high-nicotine e-juice, you would not want to increase the dosage more than that.

So, if you are planning to vape nicotine salts, make sure to buy low-wattage devices that only send a small nicotine percentage with each drag. You can find a wide variety of low-wattage e-devices in the market that’ll be perfect for vaping nicotine salt juices.

So, while you go out and buy salt nicotine vape juice, make sure to add an e-device to your cart as well.

Is Nicotine Salt E-Juice Safe for You?

One of the most commonly asked questions about salt nicotine e-juices is ‘Are they Safe?’ Well, as we mentioned earlier, nicotine salt e-juices are only a suitable option if your body is addicted to high nicotine percentage. For instance, if you have been smoking for a considerable time period, you can use salt nicotine e-juices without any hesitation.

However, if your body isn’t used to such high nicotine percentages, nicotine salt e-juices won’t be a suitable option. Salt nicotine juices can have anywhere between 50-60 mg of nicotine strength.

As compared to regular e-juices, this is 5-6x times more as they usually have 7-8mg nicotine strength. It means if your body isn’t used to high nicotine consumptions, it is better if you stay away from nicotine salt juices.

When you are trying to quit smoking by switching to vaping, salt nicotine juices make complete sense. They can easily replace your nicotine consumption and once you get comfortable, you can gradually reduce your nicotine strength and eventually move towards fruit-flavored e-juices.

What are the Pros and Cons of Salt Nicotine Juices?

Now, that you know everything about nicotine juices, it’s time to discuss the final pros and cons of salt nicotine juices.


  • Salt Nicotine juices offer a high nicotine percentage while giving a smoother throat hit
  • Perfect for people who are chain smokers and want to quit their habit
  • Less vapor production which means less e-liquid consumption
  • Convenient to carry around


  • Salt nicotine juices aren’t a suitable option for beginners or people who haven’t dealt with such high nicotine strengths in the past
  • They aren’t a suitable option for cloud chasers
  • Even though you are using salt nicotine to quit smoking, they still have a high-nicotine percentage. It means you’ll have to force yourself to eventually move towards low nicotine percentages.


At this point, you already know whether you should use nicotine salt or not. If it seems a suitable choice, you can buy salt nicotine vape juice without any hesitation. At Grey Joose, we offer an array of e-juice types, ranging from fruit-flavored to nicotine salt vape juices. Browse our collection and pick the most suitable e-juice as per your requirements.

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