All About Nicotine Salt – Benefits, Available Flavors & Ideal Dosage

Nicotine Salts or Nic Salts are the next big thing in the world of vaping. These are the new talk of the vape community as they produce fewer vapors but provide smoother hit as compared to freebase nicotine. Nicotine salt e-juices are undoubtedly more satisfying that’s why they have become the talk of the town these days.

Salt e-liquid comes with the promise of providing the most satisfying vaping experience. You will find juices available in huge strengths but still, they guarantee smooth vape. Nicotine salts seem to be a magic solution. Let’s find out whether it is actually a magical vaping solution that can cure some of the ailing vapers out there.

What Is Nicotine Salt?

At its core, Nicotine Salt is a type of nicotine that forms naturally in the leaf of tobacco and is generally considered to be a more stable form of nicotine. Adding this form of nicotine to the liquid that is generally vape, it needs a higher temperature to properly vaporize. The vapors and nicotine ions don’t directly hit the nicotine receptors in our body to give a harsh effect. Rather, the special ingredient in Nicotine Salt e-liquids, i.e. Benzoic acid helps to make Nicotine salts smooth and palatable in higher strengths.  

Being a chemical formulation of Nicotine, nicotine salt decreases the harshness and allows vapors to comfortably take more nicotine while inhaling fewer vapors. Benzoic acid is used to neutralize the base molecules so that it results in a more stable compound that is smoother to consume.

Difference Between Nicotine Salt And Freebase Nicotine

The biggest difference between Freebase Nicotine and Nicotine Salts is the harshness experienced while inhaling higher levels of nicotine. Freebase nicotine has a higher pH level which shows that it is alkaline in nature. If nicotine level goes higher, then Freebase Nicotine gets much harsher whose hit can be felt on the throat. On the other hand, Benzoic Acid found in Nicotine Salts which act as a neutralizer, and hence there is no harshness faced even if the levels of nicotine are high, giving you a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Another difference between them is that nic salt appears to vaporize well at lower temperatures making it ideal for small vape devices that have less power like pod vapes.

Nicotine salts give a sensation similar to smoking. It is because you can add more quantities of nicotine in your vaping products which could be up to 60 mg/mL. This will give you more nicotine-per-puff, giving a more satisfying experience for smokers and ex-smokers without experiencing any harshness.

Different Flavors In Nicotine Salt Juice

You can also buy salt nicotine vape juice in different flavors that assure great sensations with every taste. Adding flavors to nicotine salt is a unique concept especially for those who wish to enjoy every bit of nicotine and that too in a flavored form. You will never get bored of vaping as you can try out new flavor whenever you feel like having a change. There is a variety of flavors available in nicotine salt juice. These include:

  • Mango Flavored E-Liquid
  • E-Liquid Watermelon Flavor
  • Strawberry Flavored E-Liquid
  • Fruit Sweet E-Liquid
  • White Peach E-Juice
  • Citrus

Each one of these juices gives you a freshness of the fruit in every puff which will surely brighten your palate.

Is Nicotine salt e-liquid safe?

The only difference between nicotine salt juice and standard e-juice is the presence of benzoic acid. It is believed that salt nic is possibly no more or less safe than freebase nicotine e-liquid. WHO advises not to consume more than 5 mg per kilogram of your body weight per day. This is equal to 345 mg for a 150-pound person, which is an impossible amount to vape.

High Nic Salt juices could cause people to vape less than they actually need. Moreover, nic salts provide smoother hits and great flavor while maintaining high nicotine content; that’s why they are safe.

Benefits of Nic Salt Juices

Satisfaction: Those who vape try conventional liquids for the first time, and they often find them satisfying like nicotine. They believe that nicotine gives more punch. They don’t find anything else more enjoyable and sufficient enough to satisfy their cravings.

Smooth Hit of Nicotine: The biggest reason which turned many vapers towards nic salt juices is its smoothness and enjoyable experience. Other conventional e-liquids are too harsh that they hit the throat directly. Cigarette companies use anesthetics like eugenol or menthol to overcome the harshness and mask it completely. Vape juices don't have such chemicals and provide a smoother feeling of nicotine salt liquids that make a huge difference.

Lesser Impact of Flavor: Those who have kicked off the habit of nicotine or prefer nicotine-free e-liquids; can easily notice the difference in flavor, regardless of smoking the same product. Freebase nicotine affects the overall flavor of the liquid while nic salt juice has no effect on the flavor, resulting in a more affluent, palatable, and more enjoyable vaping experience.

Cost-effective: Vape pen as well the premium liquids that go into it are much cheaper than a sub-ohm tank or box mod. Nic salt juices are the right choice for you if you wish to have an inexpensive and discreet vaping experience that assures you just the right amount of nicotine.

What Is The Right Strength For You?

Most of nic salt juices are available in 25-50 mg strengths. If you are new to nicotine salts, start off with 20-35 mg first.

 If you are a vaper that chooses low strength nicotine but produces a great amount of vapor, then there are some manufacturers that offer nicotine salts in levels as low as 3-5 mg/mL.

  • 3-5 mg - Those who are chasing flavors, this strength of nic salt is ideal for them. It is also suitable for sub-ohm tanks as they have low concentration and provide a cleaner and less noticeable taste of nic salt.
  • 20-35 mg - Those who wish to have a substantial dose of nic salt and are not interested in doing 50mg should prefer this strength. This is the middle of the road.
  • 50+ mg - Transitioning smokers who need the maximum dosage of nicotine prefer this strength. It is not recommended for non-smokers or low-nicotine vapers. Ideal for low-powered MTL devices only.

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