Everything About E-Cigarettes You Need to Know

E-cigarettes are the most commonly used name for electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). The other names used for e-cigarettes are e-cigs, vapes, vape pens, mods, and tanks. Recently, due to the extreme rise and popularity of e-cigarettes brand JULL, another synonym of e-cigarettes was added in the dictionary and that is JULLing. 

What are E-Cigarettes?

Being a vaping enthusiast, you would have known that e-cigarettes are electronically operated cigarettes through which you can vape e-juices like mango-flavored e-liquid in the form of vaporized smoke. But you might not know about the whole scenario of e-cigarettes. As a vaping enthusiast, you should know what exactly e-cigarettes are and how they work to satisfy the cravings of the vapers. Let’s know deeply about e-cigarettes from the below-mentioned points.

E-cigarettes are an alternative solution to cigarettes. They are electronically-operated devices heat the vaping juices in high temperature so that it produces aerosol in the form of vaporized smoke that is inhaled by the vapers.

E-cigarettes are designed in different methods. It is absolutely different from traditional cigarettes. Where the traditional cigarettes are burned and smoked by smokers, e-cigarettes are designed on the method of heat and vape. 

E-cigarettes and e-juices together make vaping possible, but if they separate, they are no use of. E-juices like strawberry flavored e-juice are the liquid solution that is vaped by the vapers and e-cigarettes are devices that help e-juices to come in the form of vaporized smoke. 

Types of E-Cigarettes 

If we categorize e-cigarettes then we can categorize them mainly into three parts including first, second, and third-generation devices. In the initial stage of e-cigarettes around 2007 when it was launched, most of the e-devices resembled regular cigarettes. On the other hand, some other devices used to look like cigars, pipes, pens, and even USB flash drives. 

The first-ever e-cigarette resembled a regular cigarette. Even after seeing them, you could not recognize the difference between regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes. They were disposable, once vapers used them, they destroyed them. 

The second-generation e-cigarettes used to be larger than disposable e-cigarettes. They were pen-shaped e-cigarettes that were chargeable. They are still available in the market but they are not the trend of the market. 

Third-Generation and The JUUL

The third-generation or the modern generation e-cigarettes are larger, heavier, and high-performance devices that do not look like a combustible cigarette rather have larger customizable batteries. In third-generation e-cigarettes, you will be able to replace some parts like a coil as well as they are refillable, that is why they are called mods and tanks. You can vape some amazing vape juices through these devices including e-liquid watermelon, mint & menthol-flavored juice, and others. 

The most versatile, sleek, high-tech design, and high battery performance devices entered the market in 2015 and suddenly the vaping market started to expand more increasingly. JUUL is the most popular electronic device from those high-tech and high-performance devices that grabbed the attention of millions of adults across the world. As per the facts, JUUL is the reason behind the exceptional sudden growth of the vaping industry. 

JUUL is one of those iconic devices that quickly established itself in the market within a short period. According to the July 2019 data, JUUL has nearly 73% of the market share of the e-cigarette industry which is the highest for any individual device. Based on this data, you can have an idea of how JUUL is the most popular vaping device among the adults and how it is the best to vape e-juices like e-liquid watermelon and other vape juice flavors. 

Following the technologies, designs used in JUUL, several brands introduced their e-cigarettes. Those were Suorin Drop, Myblu, and Vuse Alto. These devices used similar methods of JUUL to offer a high rate of nicotine consumption in a single puff to the vapers. However, these devices were never recognized as their brand name. They are referred to as JUUL because of the extreme popularity of the JUUL brand. 

Consumption Rate of Nicotine through E-Cigarettes

The consumption rate of nicotine varies from one device to another device. It depends on a certain factor such as the quality of the device, method of consumption, and the e-liquid that is inhaled by the vapers. Remember one thing that the mentioned consumption rate of nicotine in the label of an e-cigarette doesn't need to be right. The different studies found several mislabeling cases and this is why labeling is never a reliable index. 

The consumption rate of nicotine also depends on the method of consumption. It can vary from person to person. According to the manufacturers’ claims, some e-cigarettes deliver nicotine as efficiently as a regular cigarette does. JUUL is at the top. The manufacturer of the JUUL devices strongly claims that it helps to deliver nicotine 2.7 times faster than other e-cigarettes. Also, it delivers a higher amount of nicotine in a single puff. On the other hand, if you vape any other juices like mango-flavored e-liquid and other outstanding flavors, e-cig will help you to consume it amazingly. This is why this iconic vaping device is the most popular among adults. 

On the other hand, the introduction of nicotine salt incredibly transformed the vaping experiences of vapers. Unlike the freebase nicotine or traditional nicotine, nic salt helps to deliver nicotine more efficiently. It helps vapers to experience the heights of vaping. Nicotine salt often lowers the ph level of e-juices that leads vapers to consume higher concentrations of nicotine. So, this also plays an important role if you consume it. 

Are E-Cigarettes Less Harmful?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by the vapers and those smokers who want to switch from smoking to vaping. According to research and studies, e-cigarettes produce fewer toxins as compared to combustible cigarettes. They found sufficient evidence that proves that e-cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes and thus they are far better than combustible cigarettes. Through e-cigarettes, you can have the incredible experience of vaping strawberry flavored e-juice and other outstanding flavors. However, they are not completely safe as they have certain side-effects but overall they are a better option for vapers and smokers who want to switch from smoking to vaping. 

The best thing about e-cigarettes is that they do not put smokers in difficulties who want to switch from smoking to vaping instead allow a smooth and pleasant experience. They help to continue the same experience more efficiently and this is why vaping devices are highly preferred by vapers all around the world.  

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