Facts You Need to Know About Vaping

Today, more than half of the population of the world know about vaping, its uses, potential risks, and benefits. Even a huge number of teenagers (especially in the United States) very well know how to safely inhale fruit-flavored e-juices through electronic vaping devices and the potential risks associated with it. They know about it as they are also one of the biggest lovers of vaping. Yes! It is one of the most surprising facts about vaping. According to news and reports, each one of three high school students in the USA vape. And it is true. Apart from this surprising fact about vaping, there are several facts related to vaping that very few people know. In this article, we will expose those lesser-known facts of vaping. Let’s start with the first fact. 

You Inhale Aerocel, Not The Harmless Water Vapor When You Vape

The vapor a vaping lover inhales and exhales when vaping is not actually harmless water vapor, it is aerosol. In medical terms, the aerosol is a suspension of solid particles and liquid droplets, in air or gas. It exists in the form of vapor. Fog, mist, dust, smoke, and haze are fine examples of an aerosol. Generally, two types of aerosol are natural aerosol and anthropogenic aerosol. The aerosol a vaping passionate inhales when vaping is anthropogenic. It contains solid psychoactive substances and other liquid particles of vape juices. So, you actually inhale an aerosol, not the vapor when you vape. 

Most Vape Juices Contain Nicotine

If you think that only nicotine salt, freebase nicotine, and salt-based vape juices contain nicotine then you are wrong. Most vape juices available in the market contain a significant amount of nicotine. However, nicotine is found in very low amounts in fruit-flavored e-juices. But, it is found in a bit higher amount in nicotine salt and freebase nicotine. 

Vaping Helps to Quit Smoking 

Yes! It is damn true. Several studies, medical experts, and professors claim that vaping has the capability to help regular smokers to easily quit smoking. It is possible because vaping offers more amazing aerosol inhaling experience than smoking. People want to quit smoking as it is injurious for health, but at the same, they do not want to compromise with their regular dosages. If they compromise with their regular dosages, they will be in extreme pain and their body will not respond well. Therefore, the best option to quit smoking is to start vaping which is very less harmful to the human body. 

Teenagers or Students are Biggest Lovers of Vaping 

Believe it or not! But this is absolutely true. I also mentioned above that each one of three high school students in the USA vape e-cigarettes. This is not the case only with the USA only, rather school and college students are the biggest vaping lover in every country. We are not claiming this thing but several news reports mentioned this fact of vaping all over the world. 

Vaping is a Kind of Smoking

Undoubtedly, vaping is different from smoking, but vaping is a kind of smoking. It is an alternative solution to smoking. It is based on modern technologies and methods while smoking is a traditional way to get on high by inhaling the smoke. Vaping is less harmful to humans health while smoking is very harmful to a human's health. Overall, vaping is a safe, less harmful, interesting, and alternative modern solution for smoking. And that's why it is loved by so many teenagers all around the world. 

Vaping Can Uproot Smoking 

Do you know the UK is excessively promoting vaping within its boundaries? And do you know why they are doing so? Let me explain it to you. To uproot the smoking and its effects in the United Kingdom, the federal government of the country is constantly promoting vaping on a large scale. We all know better than smoking is very dangerous for the health of human beings. Every year millions of deaths and lungs & respiratory illness cases associated with smoking are recorded worldwide. But the saddest thing is that nobody is trying to uproot it. It might be possible that in the future countries start to focus on this thing after seeing the results of the UK initiative for their citizens. Vaping can uproot smoking as it is an alternative and even better and safe solution of smoking. 

Vaping is Addictive 

The pure blend of addictive substances such as nicotine makes vaping addictive. Apart from nicotine, the variety of awesome flavored vape juices like fruit-flavored e-juice, tobacco-flavored vape juice, menthol-flavored juices, etc. and high-tech vaping devices like JUUL make vaping lovers keep in touch of vaping. Once you start regularly vaping, you would get addicted to it very soon. However, at some point, if you want to quit vaping, you will not face much trouble to do so. And that’s why vaping is the best alternative solution for smoking, even far better than smoking.

Smokers Who Taste Vaping to Quit Smoking is Unlikely to Return 

This is absolutely true. Most smokers who start vaping to quit smoking are unlikely to return to smoking. The unmatchable tastes of flavored juices like fruit-flavored e-juice and an awesome vaping experience maintain the interest of smokers in vaping. And that’s why they do not prefer to return to smoking. This fact tells that vaping is far better than smoking and it is a perfect alternative solution for smokers. 

That’s all for now! There are more interesting things about vaping. You can find out all those things over the internet and on the official websites of e-cigarettes manufacturers and sellers. Keep tuned with us for getting more awesome informative articles on vaping. 

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