Important Signs That Show Nicotine Salts Are For You

Vaping has come a very long way since the early nicotine cigarettes. The change in the vaping hardware is usually the driving force in the transformation of e-liquids. As you know the vaping industry is evolving and every week a new device hits the market that has an improved battery life along with a new coil style. 

Now we are looking for some modifications to the ingredients that are used in the e-juice. 

With the advent of higher powered devices and the sub-ohm coils, an e-liquid content went from an average of 12MG to 3MG as being the most common level. This average has recently been turned upside down with the arrival of nicotine salts. 

Some of the vapors may find that the nicotine kick in most e-liquids to be insufficient to be compared to what they would normally get from smoking. That is where the nicotine salt comes in. If you are confused and want to know whether the nicotine salts are for you or not, you must look for the various signs. 

What are nicotine salts: 

It is true, that the nicotine salts are created when the nicotine-based is combined with an acid or multiple acids. This process will help in creating a salt nicotine solution and reduced the throat that hits on a higher strength nicotine vape juice. 

There are many people all around the world, who are confused about why they should use vaping salts. Well, don’t let the name confuse you. You will be amazed to know that the nicotine salt does not mean that it is infused with the tasty mineral that you sprinkle on your food. In the chemical terms, the nicotine salts result with an acid that reacts with a base. The nicotine salts do exist in tobacco, naturally. So, if you have smoked a cigarette, you must have experienced nicotine salt in it. 

Advantages of nicotine salts: 

The greatest potential benefit of the nicotine salt is that many people find it more satisfying than the traditional, freebase nicotine. If you vape for some time and did not quite smoke entirely because the vaping is not satisfying you- an e-liquid that consists of nicotine salts may help you out to switch completely. 

The people who have tried both the nicotine salts and traditional e-juice have reported that the nicotine salts are much smoother and definitely less irritating to the throat because of the lower pH. 

If you feel that the throat irritation is helping you out from using the nicotine strength that you are in need of, you will probably benefit from the switch to the nicotine salts. 

The other advantage of the nicotine salt is that if your e-cigarette delivers the nicotine more neatly, you will definitely try to vape less often and consume less e-liquid. The nicotine salt e-liquid currently tends to cost more per ML than the free base nicotine e-liquid. But in the course of the time, the competition will create downward price pressure. Due to the high prices, if you switch to the nicotine salts it will likely lower your vaping costs. 

How long does the nicotine last in your body? 

It is very important for you to understand that two hours after ingesting the nicotine, the body will have removed around half of the nicotine. This means that the nicotine has a half-life of around two hours. This means that the effects of the nicotine go away very quickly so that people can soon feel that they are in need of another dose. Once the nicotine enters your body, it breaks down into twenty different substances, which include the cotinine, anabasine, and nicotine. People finally discharge these by-products in their urine. 

It is true, that the doctors can check the level of nicotine that is present in the human body with the help of its by-products such as through:

  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Blood

According to research, it can take over a period of two weeks for a person’s blood to reach the same cotinine levels as someone who does not use the tobacco. It will definitely be going to take more several weeks for the urine levels to become very low. 

It is true, that the traces of the nicotine will stay in your hair for a longer period of time. Though many people are rarely asked to do a hair test unless they are taking part in the research. There is no doubt when the person smokes a lot and the frequency of smoking is very high, the longer nicotine will take time in leaving the body. 

The nicotine will definitely be going to stay in your body for longer in adults aged over 65 years. 

On the other hand, women tend to process the nicotine more quickly than men, especially at the time they are taking birth control pills. The body will be going to take much longer time to remove the nicotine in the people who have smoked more repeatedly and for longer. 

What is the accurate time to use salt nicotine?

Honestly speaking, there is nothing such as an accurate time for consuming the salt nicotine. You can use the salt nicotine anytime as you want. The nicotine salt became very popular when some of the companies created the system of pods so that it becomes easy for the people to vape anytime and anywhere. It is very important for you to use the pod’s juice in the pod’s systems.

How does salt nicotine works?

Well, make sure that you have complete knowledge about the salt nicotine vape juice before you plan to consume it. Basically, the free base nicotine is not water-soluble as the salt nicotine. It is true, that salt nicotine can pass between the lipid barriers and it goes straight into your bloodstreams, and due to this there are chances that you will feel rush after taking a huge inhale of the salt nicotine juice. 

Why using salt nicotine Juice will be the best option for you?

By using the salt nicotine there are actually great advantages as the consumption of your cigarettes will be reduced. There is no doubt, that a high dosage of nicotine can definitely prevent urges for smoking that the low milligram freebase nicotine cannot match.

We would highly recommend the customers to buy salt nicotine vape that is actually looking forward to reducing the intake of the nicotine to start off at the dose high enough in order to decrease your nicotine intake over a particular period of time. 

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