The Outcomes of Experiments and Studies Over The Value of Vaping

The use of e-cigarettes, its benefits, and the risk associated with them is one of the most debated topics of this era. It is actually an endlessly debatable topic. Due to the coming of outstanding innovation and technology in vaping, it is gaining extreme popularity in the market. While on the other hand, due to the potential risks and respiratory illnesses associated with vaping or uses of different flavored e-juice like fruit-flavored vape juices, people are in a dilemma of whether to use e-cigarettes or not. 

Different Tendencies of Superpower Countries on Vaping

The federal government of the United States of America trying to limit the uses of vaping across America. While on the other hand, the United Kingdom is that country that is promoting uses of e-cigarettes on a large scale within their boundaries. That means, both superpowers have different tendencies for uses of vaping. There are certain reasons for this. 

The United States of America is trying to limit the uses of e-cigarettes because between the last of 2019 and starting of 2020, there was an outbreak of respiratory illnesses and death in the USA which was potentially associated with vaping. So, they do not want to invite such more outbreaks in their country. However, nobody could find the exact reason behind that outbreak. Vaping was just an estimated reason. On the other hand, the United Kingdom is comprehensively promoting the uses of vaping because they want to reduce the number of smokers in their country. They believe that the more people embrace e-cigarettes or vaping fruit-flavored vape juices, the less risk there will be of deaths associated with smoking.

As an e-cigarette lover, you might be in a dilemma of whether to use them or not due to these different tendencies of two superpowers of the world. Don’t worry, after reading this article, you will be able to make the right decision on the use of e-cigarettes as you will get comprehensive information about the uses of vaping in this article. Here we have compiled some different opinions of medical experts and different outcomes of experiments conducted on the uses and the effects of vaping. 

The Outcomes of Experiments and Studies 

According to an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine, e-cigarettes are more effective than traditional methods of nicotine-replacement therapy to help smokers to quit smoking. They experimented with randomly selected smokers who were attending the UK National Health Service. A total of 886 participants underwent this experiment. They divided the participants into groups. One group is recommended to regularly consume e-cigarettes to avoid smoking while the second group is recommended to take nicotine-replacement therapy to avoid smoking. The duration of the experiment was one year. After completion of one year of the experiment, they found very exciting results of this experiment. The group of participants that was recommended to consume e-cigarettes or fruit-flavored vape juices, the rate of smoking abstinence was 18% in them. While on the other hand, the group of participants that was recommended to take nicotine-replacement therapy, the rate of smoking abstinence was 9.9 in them. So, this difference clearly shows that e-cigarettes are very effective in smoking cessation. 

According to an article published on the official website of University College London, the uses of e-cigarettes are safer than smoking. The medical scientists at UCL found that people who swapped smoking regular cigarettes for e-cigarettes for at least six months had much lower levels of toxic and cancer-causing substances in their bodies. The scientists analyze the level of the toxic and cancer-causing substances by examining the saliva and urine of the participants. This is really a great positive about vaping. However, the people who continued smoking alongside vaping had higher levels of toxic and other lethal substances. So, for lowering the toxic level in your body, you need to completely avoid smoking regular cigarettes. 

Dr. Lion Shahab, a professor in Epidemiology and public health at the University of London says, the long-term uses of e-cigarettes are safer than smoking conventional cigarettes. He says that the evidence in his department has proved that some doubts about the safety of vaping are maybe wrong. Further, he says that vaping is not only a safer way but it helps a lot to quit smoking as the amount of nicotine in e-juices like fruit-flavored vape juices is not noticeably different from regular cigarettes. And this thing helps smokers to safely deal with their craving. 

These pieces of information clearly suggest that vaping is a safer alternative for smokers as well as a less harmful process as compared to smoking. So, if you want to quit smoking and are in the dilemma of whether to use it or not due to the risk it poses, our recommendation is for you that you should use e-cigarettes if you are facing problems to safely deal with your cigarette’s craving. 

In 2018, the US Food & Drug Administration implemented new regulations for the uses and selling of e-cigarettes. The FDA commissioner was very concerned for teenagers as the use of vaping among teenagers had become very popular at that time. However, according to a survey conducted on 6,000 American youths, the people who start vaping are four times more likely to start smoking regular cigarettes. That means if they don’t get access to e-cigarettes, they will definitely choose smoking regular cigarettes, and this will increase the risk of occurrence of respiratory illnesses and deaths. 


Vaping is a safer option for all who love smoking or want to quit smoking. It is not completely safe but far better than smoking. If you use e-cigarettes or vape fruit-flavored e-juice then your body’s toxic level will be quite low as compared to those people who smoke. So, now we hope you understand vaping is a safe option if you want to safely deal with your cigarettes’ craving. 

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