vape juice e liquid for beginner

There is a chance that you have heard about vape juice before, either in passing or some other
way. But if you have ever seen an electric cigar before, vape juice is what is needed to make
sure you can have a good flavored puff, and the best part is, it comes in different amazing
flavors. So, your vaping is not restricted to just one puff taste alone, there is more.
What is vape juice?
The Vape Juice is what creates the vapor in electronic cigarettes. Depending on what you would want to take in, the vape juice can either be nicotine laced or not. It is entirely up to
the person using the electronic cigarette. The components in a vape juice includes water,
flavor, nicotine (or not), vegetable glycerin or polypropylene glycol.
Depending on which is used, Vegetable glycerin or polypropylene glycol is usually the most
ingredient in a vape juice. It makes up about 90% of the vape juice while the rest
components- flavor and nicotine makes up the remaining 10%and if there is no nicotine,
then it is flavor all through.
Generally a Vape juice with polypropylene glycol is a lot preferred than one with vegetable
glycerin. Another reason is that the lightness of the polypropylene glyceol makes it possible for
you to taste the flavors being used in the vape juice, and this is a good thing considering that
the flavors make the vaping experience all the better.
So it’s normal to see people going for a vape juice in which the major component is
polypropylene glycol instead of one with the vegetable glycerin.
Vape juice flavors
The flavors used in making a vape juice at the same flavors used in food, quite delicious.
There are over seven thousand flavors of vape juice out there. Makes it all the better to try
out different varieties whenever you decide to vape.
However, here are some popular ones:
• Chocolate
• Cherries
• Cream
• Milk
• Strawberry
• Candy
• Cereal
• Citrus
• Coffee
• Dragon fruit
• Menthol and mint flavor
• Watermelon
• Yogurt
• Vanilla
• Whipped cream
• Spearmint
• Wintergreen
• Tobacco
• Tangerine
• Tea
• Tropical fruit
• Sour
• Pomegranate

• Sherbet
• Bubble-gum
• Bourbon
• Cheesecake
• Butterscotch
• Cake
• Cantaloupe
• Blackberry
• Blueberry
• Apricot
• Apple
• Banana
• Apple pie
• Caramel
• Cinnamon
• Cotton candy
• Desert
• Graham cracker
• Gummy bears
• Guava
• Honey dew
• Frosting
• Key lime

These are just a few out of the long list of usual-ones and you can decide to try a different one
out every week for the purpose of variety, it is said to be the spice of life right?
These food grade flavors are the same ones you put in a cake mix, or in a pie mix. They are
totally safe, and in no way harmful to your body.
Something you should consider when vaping is the vaper’s tongue.
The vaper’s tongue is a situation where the caper suddenly loses the ability to taste the
flavor in the vape juice while they are vaping. This takes all of the fun away from the
vaping, because, the best part of vaping apart from the nicotine is the flavors. And if you are
one of the vapors who would rather skip the nicotine aspect, then getting a vapor’s tongue
will completely ruin your vaping experience.
One way to avoid having the vaper’s tongue is to make sure you are not sticking to one
flavor for a very long time. There are over seven thousand of them, allow your tongue the
pleasure of enjoying a number of them. The same way, if you end up with a vapor’s tongue,
you can try using other flavors to get your taste buds working fine and reacting to vape juice
flavors again.
How to change vape juice flavors.
Changing the vape juice flavor is pretty easy, here is a step by step explanation on how to
change it.

• First you clean: Unscrew your juice tank from your cigar and pour out
whatever juice is left inside it. Detach the base of the tank from the glass, pour hot
water and soap in a small bowl, and then use the glass to make a lather, thus getting
the soap and the hot water inside the glass properly. Make sure the glass is washed
thoroughly with the hot water and soap, then properly rinse out all the soap residue.
Allow the glass to dry out properly before attaching it back to the base.

• Then you fill:Gently fill in your vape juice and avoid spilling on the
body of the tank. Keep filling till it gets to the mark that shows that the tank is full.
Clean the tank with a dry cloth to remove residue from the body.
• Finally, you seal:Take a bit of the vape juice flavor on your finger,
run it around the seal before you finally cover it up
Avoid allowing the vape juice get into the tube in the center of the tank, as it could mean you
taking in the juice in its liquid from instead of the vapors.
However, if you are a person who likes to have a bit of an adventure, you can decide not to
completely clean out the old flavor before you make the change. You could simply add in
the new flavor and give yourself the pleasure of having them mix up.
As a vaper, for you to get the best experience out of vaping, you have to have the right vape
juice in your tank. One that does not cause you harm, or has a bad taste. With over 200 stores
on the Internet selling different vape juice, the struggle to find the one with the good vape
juice might seem a little too much. That is why you should simply go down to to get the best vape juice there is. The best part is, their juice is made
with salt nicotine, better than the regular nicotine, which makes vaping experience, all the
Always remember to clean out your tank properlyonce in while to avoid clogs.

{{{{{ WARNING }}}}}: Nicotine is very addictive and must be taken with care.
You also must be 21 and above to indulge in vaping.

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