Vaping Tips for Beginners - The Complete Guide

‘Smoking’ is very dangerous and it is a well-established truth. Getting over this addiction is easy said than done. This is when vaping comes into the picture. It is true that vaping has opened up new avenues for not only getting over smoking but also enjoying the flavors of life like never before. You will be amazed to know that, vaping for beginners is a blessing in the air.

Some of the beginners start vaping for fun. Unlike smoking, vaping definitely involves playing around with vaping tricks along with a variety of vaping mods. Vaping will give you a unique socialization platform that smoking could never provide and this is the beauty of vaping for beginners is.

The advocates of the vaping have promoted the vaping as a way to help cigarette smokers in order to quit. Although there is no doubt that giving the nicotine can be the ultimate goal, there may be health benefits to the smoker who becomes a long term vapor instead, though it remains unproven.

As per the research, vaping is compared with the other common nicotine replacement approaches as a way to help smokers quit. If you are planning to use an e-cigarette, there are many specialist vape shops that will offer you various types of help and will definitely guide you on selecting the right type for you.

Make sure that you choose the best vape juice shop that is near to your location or you can even ask your local stop smoking service.

What is Vaping?

Well, an e-cigarette and vaping are the devices that basically allow you to inhale nicotine in a vapor rather than in the tobacco smoke that you will inhale from the cigarettes. Using an e-cigarette is basically known as vaping.

The vaping is an act of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol which is produced by an e-cigarette or one of the similar devices. This term is used because of the E-cigarettes as it does not produce the tobacco smoke, but rather an aerosol, which is often mistaken for the water vapor, that consists of the fine particles. 

How do vaping work?

The vaping device heats a solution which is called e-liquid that typically contains the nicotine, vegetable glycerine, along with flavorings. The vaping does not contain tobacco or produce the tar and the mono-oxide as they are one of the most dangerous and damaging constituents in the tobacco smoke that you inhale from the cigarettes.

There are three types of vaping beginners:

  • People who quit smoking and took up the vaping
  • The potential converts such as those who want to quit smoking

The first two categories are already in a zone but for the potential converts, it may take some time before they figure out what vaping actually is. The vaping will be much for fun once you start using the vaping techniques and start enjoying the vaping tricks.

Some of the vaping tips for the beginners:

If you are planning to quit smoking and start vaping, you must follow certain tips in order to enjoy the vaping process.

The waterfall:

In order to do this, you must have a thick pen along with an empty pet bottle. Make sure that you inhale deeply and exhale inside the bottle itself, while you are using it, but try not to spill outside the vape bottle. Once you are done with it, empty the bottle on the floor or the table. The thick vape will definitely be going to fall bouncing as if a mini waterfall.

The bubble:

It is one of the easiest vape tricks. For this technique, you are in need of a bubble and a soap solution along with a ring. The soup solution and a ring are easily available in the markets, so you don’t have to hustle in finding them. While vaping you have to hold it deep inside your mouth.

Once you are done with this, dip the ring inside the soap solution and try holding it in front of your mouth. After this, try releasing the vape slowly, and it will start creating a bubble due to the surface tension of the soap solution.

It is completely up to you, how big you want to go.

The mushroom cloud:

Well, the mushroom cloud is one of the most common vaping technique. This technique is also known as the “Ghost Hit” as it slightly in need to control your breathing. Through this technique, there are certain chances under which you may experience a cough as you practice this trick.

If you are doing this technique in the right manner the exhaled vape that you inhale again will make the shape of a mushroom or on the other side, a shape of a ghost that was released but taken back.

Various types of vaping devices:

Vape pen:

The most stylish of vaping devices are undoubtedly the vape pens. The best part about the vaping pens is that they can easily fit in your pockets. This shape is quite very unique and on the other side adds fun to your vaping experience.

Pod mods:

The pod mods stand somewhere in the middle between the vape pens and the bulky box mods. Just like the vape pens, they are very convenient to carry and use. The pod mods deliver a high performance just like the box mods. You will be amazed to know that the pod mods appear to be the gadgets from the future.


Vaping, as compared to smoking is much more fun and an effective platform to socialize without involving direct or indirect health hazards. The vaping for beginners is not just about quitting smoking. Vaping is definitely a whole new world, a world where your fantasies meet the physical pleasures of taste buds. The vaping can only be interesting is you start trying various vaping tricks on your own and possibly, later on, you can start showing off your skills in the public. Make sure that you are completely aware of the vaping before you start vaping yourself.

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