Vaping Versus Harm Reductions Strategies - Which is More Effective?

It is a vital topic and a comprehensive debate can happen on this topic around the world. Even several debates have already happened on such topics including “Whether to include vaping in harm reduction strategies or not.” However, the results of the debates could not include vaping in harm reduction strategies. Both are separated yet. Vaping is a different thing in which a vaper buy flavored e juice and vaping devices and use it for inhalation while on the other hand harm reduction is a set of strategies and policies that reduces the harmful effects of psychoactive drugs. Both are absolutely different and separated from each other.

To understand the whole scenario of vaping and harm reduction strategies, you first need to understand the basic concepts and understanding of Vaping and Harm reduction strategies. After then only, you will be able to understand what vaping and harm reduction strategies are? How are they different from each other? And what is more effective for smokers who want to quit smoking or want to reduce the harmful effect of smoking? On the basis of studies, researches, debates, and experiments, we have summarized this article to provide a wider exposure to this important topic.

At very first, take a look at what Vaping and Harm Reduction Strategies are?

What Exactly Vaping and Harm Reductions Are?

Vaping- Vaping is a modern approach for smokers. It is the finest alternative to smoking. Basically, it is an act of inhaling the aerosol in the form of vapor and exhaling the same using an e-cigarette or a similar device. It is different from smoking as vaping devices do not produce smokes rather they produce an aerosol, commonly referred to as water vapor, consisting of certain psychoactive particles that give an intoxicating experience to vapers. Vaping is mainly a combination of two things that are Vaping devices and vape juices. For vaping, a vaper needs to buy flavored e juice and a vaping device. After then only, he/she can enjoy vaping.

Harm Reductions- Harm Reduction is absolutely different from Vaping. It is a set of practices, strategies, and policies that acts as a harm reduction dose for those who are associated with the use of drugs and tobacco consumption. It does not prevent the use of drugs and tobacco consumption rather it reduces the harmful effects in the human body because of the consumption of drugs and tobacco.

The basic tenet behind the development of harm reduction is the acceptance of the universal fact that the world will never be completely free of drugs and tobacco and at the same time, it will never be completely free of drug users and smokers. Hence, harm reduction strategies are better instead of getting ahead to a hopeless destination to make reluctant drug users drug-free personalities.
This concept was initially developed at the time when HIV was at its peak and spreading quickly among mankind. At that time, the drug users were one of the most common victims of HIV.

Hope you must have understood the whole scenario of vaping and the harm reductions. However, a lot more things related to vaping and harm reductions are there for you in this piece of information. 

What are Harm Reduction Practices and What Vaping Includes?

Harm Reductions include several practices that are directly associated with the harm reducing effects in the bodies of drug addicts and smokers. One of the most popular and widely used harm reduction practices for drug users is the distribution of sterile needles. The idea behind this practice is to keep the drug users in a safe zone and help them to avoid using risky ways to consume drugs that can lead them to occur certain diseases. Opioid Replacement Therapy is another harm reduction practice. In this case, a drug addict or a regular user of an opioid such as heroin is given licit medication to keep them at a lower risk.

In the case of smokers, harm reduction practices include temporary abstinence, smokers willingly switching to non-tobacco nicotine-containing products that include pharmaceutical nicotine replacement therapies, using smokeless tobacco products like Swedish snus, and using addiction-free tobacco products. These practices and strategies are very helpful in lowering the amount of risk and reducing the harmful effects and keeping the human bodies in the safe zone.

Vaping is simply a modern approach to the modern era and an alternative to smoking. Unlike the smokers, the vapers buy flavored e juices and use feature-reach electronic devices and a variety of vape juices available in the market to enjoy mind-blowing vaping experiences. The puff of vaping gives absolutely a different and mind-blowing experience to the vapers. Comparatively, vaping is far better than smoking as smoking is very injurious to health and leads a human body to occur illness and different heart and lungs related diseases. However, vaping is not a completely risk-free activity, it also leads to a specific health issue but overall it is good for those smokers who do not want to quit smoking but want to reduce the harm due to smoking.

How Vaping is More Effective than Harm Reduction Practices

Harm reduction practices are usually very complex and not compatible with every smoker or drug addict. Implementing these practices can lead smokers and drug users to reduce the level of harm in their bodies due to the consumption of drugs and tobacco smokes to some extent. But at the same time, the drug users and smokers can feel the restlessness, weakness, chest irritation, dry throat, and illness in their body due to this. Their body faces difficulties to adjust the whole system and that is why it is not the best way.

On the other hand, vaping is a very gentle process that does not break the chain of smoking experiences rather improves it with the reduction of harm. It is less harmful than smoking and thus it is considered the most effective alternative to smoking for both kinds of smokers who want to quit smoking or who just want to reduce the harm due to smoking. One of the best things about vaping is that it has varieties. If you surf over the internet, you will find a comprehensive range of varieties of vape juices and vaping devices that ensure that you get an open option. Whatever your choices are, you can find them over the internet. Buy flavored e juice of fruits, cream, beer, nuts, and dry fruits flavored vape juice and get a reason to enjoy without having any illness, weakness, irritation in the chest, dry throat and others.

Both are Alternative to Smoking

Harm reduction practices do not force you to completely stop consuming tobacco smoke and psychoactive drugs rather it helps to prevent the effect of harm due to smoking. The smokers continue to smoke and their bodies get protection from harmful compounds due to the implementation of harm reduction strategies.

On the other hand, vaping is your choice. You can choose to vape over smoking because it has low risk compared to smoking. You just need to buy flavored e juice and a vaping device and after then you can enjoy vaping without getting any risk.

So, this is all about vaping and harm reduction strategies. Now you must have explored a broader picture of vaping and harm reductions and how both are different from each other and how vaping is the most effective alternative to smoking compared to harm reductions.

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