Why Does Vape Juice Quality Matters

What you put in your vaping device matters a lot. For the vapors, the quality of the vapes that are used is certainly important. There are many people all around the world who are actually confused about vaping and vape juice. Well, vape juice is a liquid that basically goes into the vaping device. It is also popular with different names like e-liquid, e-juice and even juice for short. These e-juices consist of different flavors, different brands, and this is the reason why it is important for you to consider what exactly is in the juice that you are vaping. 

Premium E-Liquids for Your Vaping Requirements: 

Grey Joose understands that quality matters a lot when it comes to e-liquid. This is the reason why all Grey Joose brand e-liquids are made using premium ingredients that are basically manufactured inside the state of the art clean rooms. Due to this, they are the highest standards in quality control and they actually help in preventing the contamination and ensure that all the Grey Joose e-liquids are as good as they can be. 

With Grey Joose e-liquids, the customers have a variety of options to choose between the flavors, nicotine strengths, and bottle sizes. It is very important for you to choose the best quality e-liquid juice for yourself in order to enjoy the best vaping experience. 

Why the vape juice quality matter’s a lot? 

What you put in your vape definitely determines what you get out of your vape. In order to explain this in a way that most humans can understand, just think about how well you would have performed if you had nothing but junk food. 

Not, well surely. It is true, that the same can be said for your vape: if you are planning to put the cheap e-liquid in it, you can definitely expect the results less than the ideal. This is why it is very important for you to choose the best vaping juice quality for yourself. You have to make sure that you are buying the vaping juice from the certified online platforms that deal in selling the highest quality of vaping juices. Due to each drop, the customers can definitely rest assured that what they are vaping is nothing short of the highest quality e-liquid available. 

You will be amazed to know that nearly 20 percent of the youth of America is using the vape regularly. But if you are also planning to start having the vaping, is it very important for you to look for the best e-liquid for you. The vape juice is primarily a mixture of two different compounds that is the vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol. These are basically known as the VG and PG for short. 

The vaping juice that is basically higher in VG, is thick and sweeter than the one that’s high in PG. You will be amazed to know that these juices actually produce the thicker clouds of the vape but along with this, they are also harder on your vape’s coil. If you are planning to buy vape juice and it is marketed as gourmet e-liquid, it is likely to be high in VG. 

Many people all around the world like to purchase organic vaping juice, as this one is basically free from all the artificial compounds. Which definitely means it is also 100 percent VG. 

On the other hand, if we talk about the PG it is comparatively thinner than the VG and along with this, it is odorless and tasteless in nature. The PG is basically ideal for those people who have switched from smoking, as it helps them in giving more of a throat hit. This means that it will make you feel more like smoking. 

Things you should look for in the top vape juice:

You can definitely identify the top quality vape juice from the budget stuff by looks. Keep in mind that the good quality of the vape juice will be clear, and it will consist of no particles floating around inside. If the vape juice has turned in yellow or brown color due to the exposure to sunlight and oxygen, make sure that it should be clear too. 

While you buy vape juice from the stores, make it a point to check it through the testers. All you have to do is, just rip the cap off and give it a smell. If the vape juice that you have chosen for yourself is nicotine-free, it is very important for you to do a knuckle test: you can do this by putting the drop on your knuckle and test it.  

The best way to choose the perfect juice for yourself is by choosing the one that has a strong smell and taste. Because in many cases the cheaper liquids tend to have either the bad taste or no taste at all. 

What nicotine level you should use? 

There is no doubt, that the amount of the nicotine in your vape juice always depends on a couple of factors. How big the clouds you are going to produce or how much did you use to smoke? 

Well, the concentrations in the nicotine vape juice are basically shown as the milligrams per milliliter or mg/ml. The basic rule of consuming the vaping juice is that if you use to smoke five cigarettes than you are in need to add 3MG to the concentration. Make sure that you are actually considering these particular rough guidelines: 

  • If you use to smoke ten cigarettes a day, it is important for you to use 6MG vape juice. 
  • If you use to smoke twenty cigarettes, make sure that you use 12MG vape juice. 
  • And if you smoked at least forty cigarettes in a day, it is very important for you to consume 24MG vape juice. 

However, this process does not apply to the people who are looking forward to using the more powerful vaping juice. 

Here is the detailed guide to nicotine salts

We would recommend you to buy the vaping juice from the Grey Joose, as they are perfect once who can provide you with the various types of vape flavors. 

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